Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crypto Fashion Wiki Alert™: Carl Bildt, Wife Anna Maria Corazza!

(Zenbuoy) It’s dinner time for the Globalist and Crypto Wife.
Mr. Zenbuoy’s 2012 Award for Outstanding Crypto Dinnerwear®

(Mr. Zenbuoy, Bilderberg Meeting) "Predictive Programming in Hollywood is no match for lizard green colored RATS on a Globalist Formal Design. Accompanying the THIRD Place Winner in the Elvian Category, (Anna Maria Corazza Bildt) just behind Trudie Styler and Reba Mcentire, only screams for this Award.

From our favorite Crypto ReVealing™ Radio Program:
Snitch and Globalist Traitor Carl Bildt (Long Time Bilderberger) to have his Subversive Anti-Swedish Politics Exposed by WikiLeaks?2012 02 28... > Click for Red Ice Radio <<<<<<<


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