Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Kate Middleton Crypto Cube™

also by Swami Netherlands
Crypto Art Homage to Mr. Tonnies by Zenbuoy

The most excellent Mac Tonnies may very well have wound up with a photo of the Kate Middleton Crypto Cube™. If ever there was a case for the genetically evident strain of Cryptoterrestrial Archontic Controlled Blue-Bloodied Human Container Inbreeds... this is the Queen...from the view here because of the video at bottom...and now, "Kate Middleton Pregnant"

They’re telling you right HERE (6:03) on the Masonic One-Eyed Jaggy Radio
Ever hear anyone introduce their guest as a “Bright Elf?”
Longest Running #1
Archontic Hit on Alternative News
(*Off-Key “singing” and repetition of phrases here 
Divides & Conquers Your Brain)
-DJ Swami Netherlands Crypto Archontic Disco Catch™

That’s actually Paul Anka (r) and his first wife 
(from section deleted on Mothership)

The Superb Cate

The Most Lovely Erin

CINDY McCAIN (A JAY WEIDNER original fashionable pick)

Seriously, do you think anyone is home (r)

Rock 'N Roll Crypto, the Gutsy Melissa

 Cryptos don’t need 
to DopE
 Before Cryptos Fall 
Look for the Crows

While your at it...
Here’s how you hide the 
Crypto Masonic Finger Pointer
behind a little doggie camouflage...
If you are...

Le Belmondo Crypto!

So, if you were an unseen intelligence (thought
manipulators - Archons) behind a genetic race 
(Cryptoterrestrials) you are USING to supplant us in numbers... wouldn’t you prepare the supplanted with A prEdictive, “Knowing?

And use one of your cloned properties as an “ACTOR...

And wouldn’t you use the Crypto Model™ you are perfecting
until you get the EARS riGHt!
Too much Crypto Juice©
will make the left ear pop ouT!

Ok, we’re still out towarD in Holly Wood...

Ellen, Queen of Talk Show Cryptoterrestrial Genetic Ears & Portia

The Most Excellent Jessica prior to the 2013 Academy Awards

The Most Excellent Tilda

The Google Cryptos, Larry & Serge

*see nose below rigHt on Dick Martin...

Serge & Larry

um..., Rowan & Martin...
(would you just LOOK at Dick! HOLY CRYPTO!)........*

No... Rowan & Larry

Mr. Bean!   
 (yes, we LOVE Rowan’s work!)

If there were justice in this world...Rowan WOULD be 
Instead they gave it to: 

The James Bond Crypto 
(a.k.a., The Craig Crypto™)

...the connections are, back to the Google Cryptos

Google Wife Crypto Anne who,
 NATURALLY, runs a What..?
Wouldn't you have Cryptos on your Board or installed as advisers and "genetic researchers...?"
wouldn't you compare the "general public's" genetics against yours?
Website: "she is one of the initial ten subjects of George Church's Personal Genome Project"

"We believe individuals from the general public have a vital role to play in making personal genomes useful."

...and WHAT "ROLE" is that, hmmm?

                        Christine                       Itsik

...and of course, 

Netscape Crypto

Facebook Crypto

and, yes, The Apple Crypto

Jobs, Steve: The Origin of the Apple Logo and The Secret History of Silicon it if you think he was "Think Different"

Tina Media Crypto
Cryptos Must Mingle (keep scrolling)

CNN Anderson Crypto 
(we love his work, so relaX...this is fun, no? didn’t think they would give this job to someone without Crypto Royalty Genetics, did you?
Mom Gloria and our Passionate Crypto™
Notice the horns..not by accident...

Don’t recognize this Crypto above? 


So...back to the Crypto Loo

Oh, this kind of thing could go on forever, so there is a most excellent video below which details the Ritualistic Superbowl being performed as this is Crypto posted. “Royalty" on the right below.

Venusian Jill Donn (l) Lady Barbara Judge (R) Lovely Cryptoterrestrials

No? Why that’s Ivanka Crypto

Nope, don’t know... but Cryptos from Sirius are said to be the UniBrouz

The Crypto Freemason playing this Bogus Voice of the CONSTITUTION Role

The Crypto Freemason playing this  CHIEF OF STAFF Role

  Check out those subtLe Crypto Jeri Devil’s Horns (pssst...the HAND!)

Lovely Crypto Jeri

Bradley Crypto (Oh, sure, love his work, too. See him in “3:15 to Yuma?"

"...some  race replacing us here and are they half way finished?”

David Weatherly

from Part 2 Veritas Show with Mel Fabregas

The Crypto Freemason in the New Wave role - Look at Johnny Rotten's Ears above

Different pigmentation than “Royal"

As Mr. Weidner mentioned with Mr. Fabregas, “We don’t need to be racist” about spotting them. 
Even though they clearly are toward us... 
(ED Note: Mr. Weidner is off creating the first alchemical television station or, solving the riddles left by the greatest filmmaker of all time. 
Something like that.)
 But before you look at the

 Swami Netherlands find below...

Take a quick look at the surprising 
Crypto DIonysus Look™

Ever see Lady Di do the Illuminati Hand Sign (right hand)?
Be sure to learn why SHE AND KATE
are Ritualistically dressed in BLUE
 from the video below

Need some actual bloodline research not in the Victor’s version?

Swami Netherlands Mobile Crypto Catch™

WINSTON Churchill’s Crypto Sperm©
Created This Queen Elizabeth
(approx. 8:30 sec. Jim Fetzer interviews Greg Hallitt.......HERE

Cryptos sometimes MIS-Fire?

“, err..., I Say, what what?"

Is Anne Hathaway possessing Queen Genes?

Never looked at her like that before, either.

Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: 

The Occult Meaning

"...My husband is planning' an accident."

Christopher Spivey

Ritualistic Puppets.

Watch the movie John Carter 
to learn who, basically, is behind this race.
At least, see this interpretation on The Second Sun.

The Curious Case of John Carter: 

Secrets and Synchronicities

Notice “Le Crypto Look™?”
There is an unseen intelligence, a  presence which has been misleading mankind for thousands of years. They inform oracles and prophets about the future. We listen to them.
This is who the Archons are.
click for John Lamb Lash
"Who Wrote the Reptilian Agenda" 
Prometheus Crypto
Roman Highbrow Crypto
The patrician fathers of Rome were Pagans of the Isis bloodline which made them "descendants of the gods.”

Your ignorance 
is their power.

Topless Kate, 2 Massacres  
and  an  Initiation
(Part 1-4)
Watch it on YouTube if it won’t play here...

Up Next:
"walking like a man
hitting like a hammer
she's a juvenile

She’s Got the LOOK

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  1. Surely not Kate....Trudy could be, Hermie beyond doubt!

  2. Oh, Ja.
    She’s got der look unt go back and look at the pictures of “paul” for the Connection to the video, if yu want.


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