Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crypto Cemortan Cabin Kisses™ Costa Concordia ‘Captain Coward’ Sinking Ship

"Yes, I kissed the Costa Concordia captain. I think we'd have ended up in bed... but the ship crashed: Moldovan blonde gives first interview” By ANGELLA JOHNSON Daily Mail Last updated at 1:45 PM on 26th February 2012

The blonde tour rep who was accused  of causing the sinking of the Costa  Concordia by romantically distracting the captain has given her first full newspaper interview ‘to set the record straight’. 

Crypto Crash MissionZ™ 
work best when you dress up 
like your target first

 Domnica and Captain Francesco Schettino

"How do you prevent a Crypto Beauty™ from sneaking up on you with a KISS and sinking your ship?"

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