Friday, June 14, 2013

"My eyes started to get really, really, really black." - Black Goo/AUGIE

The intrepid Irishman Miles Johnston
along with AMMACH Foundress Joanne Summerscales continue digging in the Bases Series of Alien/MiLAB Abduction Experiencer interviews. Black Goo was featured prominently in special effects predictive programming in the X-FILES and David Griffin's revelations related to The Falklands War. Black Goo appears again later in the Bases Series interview with 'Rachel." In the final update Miles passes along that another name for Black Goo is A U G I E

Not Augie, Doggie 

"My eyes Started to get really, really, really black."- 'Rachel' in (Bases 25 -Black Goo)

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Swami Netherlands  snatched this one:

While you're here:
Black Goo is referenced by these "Super Soldiers," in Barry King's Interviews as well as the Michael Prince series. This blog offers a connection to the physical race probably being controlled by the Archontic forces. Even here, in these 'Alternative Research" interviews there are Freemasons (Noorey and Cassidy, for ex.) involved in this which qualifies it quite readily as 'Controlled Opposition." 

We love Miles work and Joanne's eloquence. (Quite the refreshing change from the infamous Jaguar planted embarrassments appearing as ineptitude.) 

And, what. What. We have a prime Crypto Interviewee on the right!


...and if you just cannot believe that the biggest Alternative News UFO site is created and controlled by the 'Controllers"...just look at the BLATANT use of 'Devil's Horns' in the video below...

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...and for your RESEARCH consideration...

'Anya Briggs: Leading UFO/ET researchers mind controlled by Grey ETs'

Exopolitics TV with Dr. Alfred Lambremont Webre


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