Friday, May 9, 2014

The Sports Crypto™


 Pitcher’s Wife
Pitcher’s Wife
Pitcher’s wife



Football, or translated in Crypto™ - Soccer

 Photoshopped (above) 
The Real Crypto (beloW)

Gymnastic Cryptos


The Look
The Crypto Attitude ©
and, of course, 
The Crypto Boxing Wife™

    Yep, Crypto Wife           (R) Notice how sunglasses and beard hide the Crypto Boxing Look™

 Doping, um..., ROAD RACING


Stock Car Crypto Racers

No? We’ll the general idea here is that Illuminati Freemasonic Cryptos©
are put in places and made idols and stars. So, they make the hand signs which identify them as members of secret societies. Thus...
Dale Earnhardt, Sr. making the same 
Illuminati family sign as...well,

little Lady Diana Spencer, of course.
And, Crypto Illuminati Son™ Dale Earnhardt, Jr 
making the DEVIL’S HORNS

 more to come

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